Ultra-Soil Ltd is a supplier of environmentally friendly turf and soil treatments. Our products are designed to improve the condition of golf courses, sports pitches, tennis courts, bowls greens and domestic gardens.

UltraSoil products

  • Increase performance and durability of your playing surfaces
  • Remove contaminants such as salts and metals
  • Help reform soils natural productive performance
  • Reduce reliance on chemicals and surfactants 
  • Encourage deeper rooting 
  • Remains beneficial for upto 12 months 

Safe to use

  • Manufactured from completely natural products
  • Engineered from food grade materials

Cost effective

  • Can reduce labour and fertiliser costs by up to 50%
  • Can reduce water requirements by up to 65% 

Environmentally friendly

  • Can help to reduce your carbon footprint

Please click here to view the benefits page for full details of flocculation.

UltraSoil Penetrator liquid soil conditioner, has the ability to remove surface water fast. Water logged soils can be drained with one simple spray application.

Using UltraSoil Penetrator and UltraSoil Retain on compacted soils, areas of sparse growth, waterlogged lawns and sports playing surfaces has shown to result in a substantial increase in root development. 

These unique soil conditioners can substantially reduce the amount of water and fertiliser applied to turf, fruit trees, vines, food crops and flowering plants.

Poor growing mediums can be dramatically improved by treating the soil with these natural, non-chemical products.

UltraSoil Sports Rebound will stabilise loose surfaces such as racetracks, sand bunkers, service roads and sports pitches. Dust reduction and uniform playability can be achieved directly following application.

Applying UltraSoil Bloom N Green to domestic gardens and vegetable patches can greatly improve yield and bloom quality.

Easy to apply and totally safe, UltraSoil products provide professional results to the Greenkeeper, Groundsman, contractor and discerning gardener.